Why OnPoint.legal?

In addition to the specific, in-depth capabilities of OnPoint.Legal, your firm will enjoy other incredible benefits that come with our robust matter management software.

Finally, Paperless

For years, you’ve heard about the benefits of going paperless, but it’s just difficult to part with those physical files you’re so used to, right? Besides, what happens if your system crashes? With OnPoint.Legal, system crash is a non-issue because all of your files are secured by Microsoft. Choosing a paperless matter management system gives you many advantages:

  • You can access all of your documents in one place. No back and forth trips to storage (and no more storage bills.)
  • You can work from anywhere. No longer will you be enslaved to physical files or tied to the office! Instead, access any matter, anytime, from any location, on any device.
  • You can lock documents and monitor their use. When you save a document, a new version is automatically saved so that you never lose previous versions. You can also view who and when a document was opened or edited.

By going paperless, your law firm will run more efficiently, and you will save plenty of money on paper.

Teamwork Made Easy

A key benefit of OnPoint.Legal is how it optimizes teamwork on your matters. If you’re used to basic Microsoft Word, you know how irritating it can be when you open a file that someone else is working on – you can’t edit it or you have to create another version. With our case management software, you and others can work simultaneously on a document, editing and making changes that show up in real-time for the other user. The system locks the word or paragraph you’re working on while leaving the rest of the document free! You can even invite external attorneys by providing access to your case files and lists, as needed.

Unmatched Accessibility

With your Microsoft account, you can use Word, Excel, Outlook, and other Office programs through the available web applications – meaning you can edit your documents, access necessary information, and view your schedule on any device. Similar to Office 365, you can access OnPoint.Legal from virtually any smart device with an internet connection. Your data is accessible through any of the programs in the Microsoft Office Suite as well as your preferred web browser, like Safari or Chrome.

Are you going somewhere that may not have an internet connection or where the connection could be spotty? With OnPoint.Legal, that’s no problem! Before you leave, simply sync your files to your device. You can edit them while you’re away from the internet, and they will automatically sync and update when you reconnect to the internet.

Reliable Security

One of the primary concerns we hear about from potential customers is the issue of security. With OnPoint.Legal, you receive the security your confidential files require. Thanks to built-in security features, sending a confidential file doesn’t have to be a terrifying experience. Only intended recipients, selected by you, can view and edit your files. Maybe this isn’t a big concern of yours, but the potential of losing your data completely is. Microsoft Azure, a cloud-based service, ensures that you never have to worry about losing your data to a natural disaster or catastrophe – it’s backed up in multiple data centers across the country. With Microsoft, you have the ultimate security partner who will always have your back.

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Customizable Case Management

With OnPoint.Legal, there will be no parameters or restrictions forcing you to utilize the program in one specific, set-in-stone way. There are multiple ways to customize the program to perform the way that works best for you and your firm. Our software comes with a general collection of applications designed for the legal field, but even these can be used in different ways based on your needs. We even offer custom app development services if you have a significant need that isn’t being met with current apps.

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Due to the HIPAA Compliant security restrictions of Office 365, we are unable to provide a public demonstration; however, we can provide a private demonstration upon request. Your information will never be shared.

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Due to the HIPAA Compliant security restrictions of Office 365, we are unable to provide a public demonstration; however, we can provide a private demonstration upon request.

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