Lizzie Clark

Office Administrator, Clark & Smith Law Firm

My law firm recently made the transition to OnPoint.Legal. The Symbioshare team couldn’t have made it any easier. We picked a convenient weekend, identified our case data and documents in advance. Then, they moved everything over the weekend and provided training the morning after. When my employees left training, they were using the new system with no downtime. I have a busy criminal defense and personal injury practice, and their case management solution has already proven its worth in court. Because OnPoint Legal reduced my costs, improved our efficiency, helped organize my files, and most importantly, is easy to use, I would strongly recommend this product to any law firm.

Troy Marsh

Attorney , The Marsh Law Firm | Statesboro, GA

I practice in a competitive fast paced area of the law and our firm needed a case management system to promote efficiency and profitability. We tried one program but it was not a good fit for us and we decided to go with Symbioshare. We were very careful to ensure we were investing our money wisely and it turns out it has been the best business decision I have made since starting my own law firm. My paralegal and nurse are able to access documents and information quickly with an easy to use and familiar format. We can access the files from anywhere there is an internet connection and we use a thumb drive when we go to depositions or court hearings. Everything that was promised was delivered without exception. The technical support after we purchased the software was excellent. During the install we were told that most people have very few questions after running this program for a week. I was sure we would be the exception to the rule but I was wrong. We were quickly able to work in the program and our efficiency has increased greatly. This has been an outstanding experience and we are 100% satisfied.

Jon R. Hawk

Attorney, Law Offices of Jon R. Hawk

Our firm handles complex cases that are very document intensive. We left another case management system for OnPoint.Legal about a year and a half ago because the other system could not handle the demands of our office. Because OnPoint.Legal is cloud-based we were able to seamlessly integrate our office locations in Atlanta and Blakely. This allowed members of our firm to collaborate on cases more efficiently and do so in a way that was technologically practical, secure, and cost-effective. The Symbioshare team helped us make a very smooth transition and their team of developers has even worked with us on customized applications that we needed for some of our cases. We couldn’t be more satisfied with the OnPoint.Legal case management solution. I would give my strongest recommendation to any firm considering OnPoint.Legal.

James Stone

Attorney, Boone and Stone

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Due to the HIPAA Compliant security restrictions of Office 365, we are unable to provide a public demonstration; however, we can provide a private demonstration upon request.

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