OnPoint.legal V.2


Here are a few of the changes:
  1. Case Types:
    1. When you add a case type, you must now select Civil or Criminal.  You are then able to also select what lists you would like to build when new matters are created.
    2. The Type of Case will determine what the Matter Home Page looks like.
  2. Dedicated Criminal Law:
    1. Criminal Law is now integrated into OnPoint Legal
    2. Various Apps and Screens are now created that target Criminal Law Matters
  3. Apps:
    1. All apps have been updated.
    2. Case Notes will now provide the three dots to allow editing in new Matters.
    3. It is no longer required that you save apps as templates in order to add them to a matter.  Just change the list and all new instances of the app will be updated.
    4. This includes folders in document libraries.
    5. All apps are built manually now.  This should dramatically speed up the process of adding apps.
  4. Document Libraries:
    1. LPR document libraries have been updated to reflect our folder structure.
  5. Matters:
    1. Matter workflows have been moved from a popup to the main Matter screen.
  6. New Tempate Based Apps:
    1. We have added:
      1.  Allegations
      2. DDS1205/ALS (dui related)
      3. Criminal History
  7. Matter Events:
    1. A new custom app called Matter Event Calendar has been created.
    2. This app will keep a historical list of events for a matter.
    3. It can be viewed as a calendar.
    4. It can be synchronized to Outlook.
    5. You can set emails alerts on dates.
  8. Client Photographs:
    1. Under Identification/Notes, you will notice a new “Contact Photo” block.
    2. You can upload any picture as an “Attachment” and then paste the new link to the image.
    3. If before uploading, you name the picture “ContactPicture.jpg”, it will also show up in Outlook.
    4. If you add a photograph in Outlook, not only will it show in Outlook, but it will also show in SharePoint.
    5. The client photo will be visible under Contacts in the Matter Screen as well.
  9. Outlook-Clients integration:
    1. Integration with the client list is enhanced.
    2. You can now add clients in Outlook and all data will be properly populated in Sharepoint except the Originating Attorney.
    3. You must still go in an update the Originating Attorney manually since that is not a field available in Outlook.
  10. Driver’s License and State:
    1. You can now enter driver’s license data
  11. Flat Fee:
    1. You can add flat Fees now rather than just contingency and hourly.
  12. SOL:
    1. Statute of Limitations has been split from Matters and have their own screen now
    2. Feel free to create your own screen to display data as you would like.
  13. Ante Litem Notices:
    1. I have added an option for County in Ante Litem Notices
  14. Calendar Event Titles:
    1. A new calendar event title screen has been created to manage common events.
    2. You must specify the Type Matter so that the events are filtered based on the case type.
  15. Administration:
    1. A new administration screen has been added.
    2. This will allow a more customized experience.
    3. For the time being, you only have the ability to change the next Client and Matter ID, and sets the SOL, Ante Litem, and Demand Alert/Warning dates.
  16. Attorney View:
    1. The attorney view has been updated.
    2. You may have to select “Reset Grid” in order to view the newest updates.
    3. The grid allows filtering, sorting, reordering columns, resizing columns, selecting and hiding columns, and is completely responsive.
  17. Back End:
    1. Improved Attorney, Matter, and List creation engines
    2. Scaled backend app to provide faster response times and multi-site failover
    3. Established linakage to lists to allow for future updates to provide better notifications
    4. Matter and Client IDs are now created remotely to reduce conflicts when new items are added simultaneously
    5. Numerous Bug Fixes

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Due to the HIPAA Compliant security restrictions of Office 365, we are unable to provide a public demonstration; however, we can provide a private demonstration upon request.

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