Handling sensitive information and confidential files is a regular, everyday occurrence in law offices. It’s so commonplace that it can be very easy to become careless or complacent with the data security of your office. One of the biggest benefits OnPoint.Legal by Symbioshare offers you is reliable security for your data. Data security should be a top priority for your firm, and these 4 data security best practice tips can help keep your information safe.

Physical Files Face Bigger Risks

Although many attorneys have held onto their physical files for security reasons, those files actually face more risk than digital files. If your file is misplaced or destroyed in a fire and you haven’t backed it up digitally, there’s essentially nothing you can do. Physical files are also at risk of being stolen. With OnPoint.Legal, your sensitive information is securely stored on Microsoft’s Cloud, safe from natural disasters with numerous security features to protect it from cyber criminals.

Suspicious About an Email? Avoid It

Professionals receive countless emails on a daily basis. Cyber criminals take advantage of this by using email to scam people and obtain their personal information, including passwords and account names. Encourage your employees to delete emails that appear suspicious, and never click links or files in messages from unknown senders.

Never Access Confidential Information on Unsecured Networks

Hopefully you’ve enlisted the help of an experienced IT provider to protect your office. But you and your team likely need to access files from somewhere other than the office on a regular basis. Don’t use just any connection, as an unsecured network can be easily breached. Use a password protected network with a firewall.

Always Log Out and Lock Devices Before Leaving Them

While digital practices are important, sensitive information can be breached do to physical carelessness as well. If you’re stepping away from your computer or other devices for any length of time, log out of your account. For mobile devices like phones and tablets, consider 2-step login processes, such as fingerprint technology in addition to a PIN or password.

There are dozens of steps you can take to better protect the data housed on your servers and devices, but these are some of the simplest, most effective ways to protect your data. By following these steps and investing in case management software like OnPoint.Legal, you can secure your sensitive data.


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