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Functional yet Easy to Use

From Windows-like document libraries to combining Letterhead with Templates to create documents in Word, you’ll be amazed how easy it is to setup and use OnPoint.Legal, Symbioshare’s Case Management System.

Symbioshare - Case Management System Most firms already keep both a paper and an electronic file.  By going paperless, the documents you must review are only in one place…online.  Lawyers and their staff have the security of knowing that they have everything in front of them when they review a case.

Symbioshare - Case Management System With OnPoint’s workflows, you can route and sign documents without ever lifting a pin or leaving your chair (or beach chair).  This means that attorneys are no longer tied to their office.  You can review documents while out of town for a deposition, or at home with a sick child.

Symbioshare - Case Management System OnPoint Legal was developed to take advantage of Microsoft’s native mobile applications and many popular third party apps such as   Your Ipad or Surface can become your case notebook, but now multiple users can review the file at the same time.



Looking for a file, making copies for multiple employees, and lugging heavy books home will be a thing of the past.

Symbioshare - Case Management System SharePoint provides a means to electronically lock documents.  If anyone tampers with a final document, you will not only know that this happened, but you will know who and when it was done.

Symbioshare - Case Management System Like layers on an onion, SharePoint saves versions of your documents making the creation of multiple versions of the same document obsolete.  You can simply right click on a document, and view, restore, or copy any previous version.  You can even add comments to a version.

Symbioshare - Case Management System

Designed for Teamwork

By integrating with Microsoft’s SharePoint Online, OnPoint Legal takes advantage of the best features of Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and your favorite browser, all at a market leading price.


World Class Reliability and Security

Not all cloud services are equal.  Designed for the Cloud from the ground up, Microsoft ensures your OnPoint data is always available and secure. Can you imagine a better IT partner?

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Symbioshare - Case Management System

OnPoint.Legal, the Case Management System that makes practicing law easy.

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